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And, a marketing department that can collect data, analyze it, and send it upstream through product management to R&D for use in future product development would be invaluable. Consistent brand communications across all channels, points in time, departments and devices. At this point in time, organizations have no excuse for contacting a consumer randomly from different parts of the organization with the same marketing or service message. Companies should have a central “brain” or “hub” from where all messages, regardless of channel, flow out to consumers. If I declined to join the hotel vacation club when I checked into your hotel don’t call me the next week at my home and offer it again. Brands are very good at the creative but haven’t mastered ensuring the message is in context, appropriate, anticipated and personalized to a consumer’s needs.

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  • While some models are apparently effective in certain cases, they merely serve as guides at reaching the “right” choice or decision.
  • Art requires subjective appreciation, as is our ability to choose.
  • A lot of latest researches suggest new techniques and methods in verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • And in 1998, there was no YouTube, no maps, and no Gmail.

The completed video and song was published to YouTube on 23 March 2014. There’s a big reasonJonny Ive’s Applewas so massively successful and it wasn’t down to Steve Jobs alone. It would be impossible to deny that the art of photography, for example, has developed significantly with the impact of technology. And speak to any programmer and they will hold up the finest code as exhibiting similar levels of creativity as some of the finest classical works. Interestingly, the evidence shows that some of the greatest thinkers have embraced creative disciplines – think of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.

Forget What You Know: Breaking The Rules For Creativity

We can imagine a variant of Turing’s Gallery within the professional world. We imagine an AI model tasked with taking arbitrary input data from one profession and determining new hypotheses to test. We’d restrict this AI to scenarios not already covered by well-defined processes. The AI can be said to be an artist here if its hypotheses are deemed credible at a similar rate to their human counterpart. The latest in AI has made progress in this field but still has some ways to go.

It means that they can now move from a discipline to a field and then into a subfield where they can spend time and effort on an issue that this guy would have never been possible before. However, this is only one perspective of the argument. It is also important to look at why these artistic and scientific movements began.


Gaps in knowledge and skills become cracks in the foundation of lifelong success. Our new Standards for Professional Learning book offers educators the latest knowledge and insights to design, implement, and sustain high-quality professional learning. Standards for Professional Learning outline the characteristics of professional learning that leads to effective teaching practices, supportive leadership, and improved student results. Despite such preconceptions of the ways in which logical and unstructured thinking styles are related to creativity, it is not difficult to find examples of individuals who do not fit the stereotype.

There can be no surprise that communication is referred to as “inherent to the conduct of business and businesses” (Forsyth and Kay, 2008, p.3). Just because someone is or has been a top producer, it doesn’t mean that they will be an excellent trainer. I’ve worked with top performers who can tell you WHAT to do, but that can’t really tell you HOW to do it, or explain exactly WHY.

Instead, they are often discussing the less process driver aspects of their work. Any work at the frontier of a field lacks well-defined processes. There has not yet been enough work to create a repeatable process. Over time, new patterns emerge, and what was once art becomes a science. This continued moving frontier is the work of hypothesis generation — creative generation of possible explanations or new processes.

Intelligence Agencies Bank On Ai, Social Media To Process Data

Thirdly, there is not one response which is correct but one may be a better one depending on the timing and the circumstances. We are all humans put on earth to learn “lessons” and we don’t learn our lessons by avoiding risks or agonizing over every little detail in life. This article and the subsequent comments are interesting and thought-provoking, but certainly portray decision-making as a complicated process stripped of all of its human qualities. Unfortunately, our ancestors that had to “make decisions” about the important things in life — did not reproduces as successfully. Without Art, we would continue to make the same choices. At some point someone has to envision a possible different choice and it can certainly be something that we’ve never seen, heard or have any idea whether or not it will work.

Why the arts is better than science Creativity cannot be taught. Feelings and emotions can be expressive Different life experiences and the varying perspectives people have. We have to found ways of expressing ourselves; Otherwise we just become clones of each other.